Bird Cage Gargling Cup with Stand / Ring Holder (3 variations)

By Hashy
Regular price $12.00

A very unique Gargling cup that features a bird perching on a stand with a cup that forms a cage on top. The extra branch can also be used as a ring holder too! 

The cup dries by hanging upside down on the branch, so the rim of the cup doesn't touch the counter. Your cup will always feel cleaner and fresher! The bottom of the base of the cup holders match the color of each birds. A few options available: Blue Parakeet, Green Parakeet, or Red Cheeks Cockatiel.

** Please choose a variation **

  • Stand:  6 cm (Diameter) x 15 cm
  • Cup: 6.5 cm (Diameter) x 11 cm
  • Material: Stand is made of ABS Resin and Cup is made of AS Resin.
  • Imported from Japan



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